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Parakeet Cafe & Juicery

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1680 India Street View on Google Maps
San Diego, CA 92101
619 292 0848

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We are more than a juice bar, we are a lifestyle backed by science.

Meet the Goldwasser's

we lived and worked in mexico city, ready to start a family with everything accordingly to plan. when our second daughter was born and diagnosed with a rare disease at just six months old, we began researching alternative healing methods as she underwent chemotherapy. frustrated with the lack of options, we left our jobs and made the big decision to move to la jolla, california, to make our own. that’s how parakeet juicery was born. 

The future of food

Everything we knew about healthy eating and healthy living shifted. the healing powers of organic, whole foods became a fundamental truth in supporting individual health and well-being. at the end of the day, wholesome foods are destined to be a natural remedy that has the capacity to help heal. food and beverage have a colorful future, and we are dedicated to share our learnings and positively change people’s lives, one healthy drink at a time. 

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