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Amici House

The Amici (Friend) House is a historic house in San Diego’s Little Italy—originally a single-family residence by the Giacalone family and later a residential rental property. Antonino Giacalone and his wife, Josephine were a part of the Italian fishing community in Little Italy and arrived in San Diego in 1916. Mr. Giacalone was considered one of the best fishermen during the 1920s and 1930s, the community even dubbed him as “Cadorna,” which translates to “the general.” Originally from Sicily, the Mazzara del Vallo area, the Giacalone’s were active in the community, generous with their hospitality and active in the local church. Cadorna and Josephine had four sons (Joe, Frank, Tom and Nick) and two daughters (Josephine and Margaret).

The Giacalone family’s home was originally located on W. Date Street, between Columbia and India Streets, where the Piazza della Famiglia stands today. In 2014, when the Piazza della Famiglia broke ground, the Little Italy Association partnered with HG Fenton to move the house to Amici Park on W. Date and Union Streets and preserve the historic home.

Today, the Giacalone family’s house is now the Amici House and home to The Convivio Society for Italian Humanities, a nonprofit organization that promotes Italian arts, culture and heritage in San Diego. Convivio works to preserve the local Italian community’s history digitally and through photographs, documents and oral histories. The public can visit Amici House to learn about the San Diego Italian community.

Current Resident

Monday to Saturday from 10am to 2pm

Italian Honorary Consulate in San Diego
Mondays from 10am to 4pm (By Appointment Only)

Caffè Caritàzza by Convivio
Monday to Saturday 7am to 3pm

250 W. Date Street
San Diego, CA 92101

Phone: 888 862 4825

Venue Rental

The Amici House is available to host special events—engagements with close friends or colleagues. The charming historic cottage has a combined indoor and outdoor space, and is perfect for your next unique event!  Click here for more information.