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Little Italy Residents

Are you a Little Italy resident?  If so, you have come to the right page.  This page was created to provide Little Italy residents the latest information on what is happening in our community including special events, specials offered by local businesses, and other topics that support a good quality of life experience.  Below you will find several topics that can act as a resource for you.  Feel free to share this page with fellow residents, HOAs, and property managers.

We are Famiglia

Sign-up for our monthly e-newsletter that is drafted specifically for Little Italy residents.  Get updates from the NAC Chairs, important updates on items being discussed at City and County, upcoming events in and adjacent to Little Italy, updates on streets closures, upcoming resident gathering events, and more.

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Monthly Resident Meet-Up

Join us on the second Monday of the month from 6:00pm to 8:00pm in the Piazza della Famiglia for a Famiglia Night.  This night is special for Little Italy residents and they can meet their neighbors, enjoy a beverage/cocktail or dinner/dessert, and all around good times.

If you have any questions about Famiglia Night, email our District Manager, Chris Gomez.

Neighborhood Advisory Committee

The Neighborhood Advisory Committee (NAC) is a committee of the Little Italy Association that meets on a monthly basis to discuss maintenance & landscaping services within Little Italy, community order, new alcohol applications, CUP & NUP reviews, and other residential issues.  Quarterly the NAC meets special project or hear special presentations that traditionally have a presentation by an elected official or an agent of the City of San Diego.

Monthly Meeting
Day and Time: First Wednesday of the Month at 6:00pm
Location: Little Italy Association Office - Conference Room
Zoom: Meeting ID - 852 6327 9418 / Password - 3898 / Calling In? - 1-669-900-6833

NAC Chairs
Cynthia Adkins, Chair
Jeri Keiller, Co-Chair