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Who We Are

The Little Italy Association of San Diego

The Little Italy Association of San Diego is a 501(c)(3) public benefit corporation that was established in 1996 to oversee and expedite the revitalization and beautification of the Little Italy neighborhood in Downtown San Diego. The Association represents the property owners, residents, and businesses of Little Italy.

The Association is the only Little Italy district management corporation of its kind in any neighborhood in the United States. The Association pledges to advocate on behalf of its members’ best interests in the areas of public safety, beautification, promotion, and economic development while preserving the unique cultural resources that exist in our neighborhood.

The Association currently has 25 Board Members that are comprised of property owners, residents, business owners and community-at-large representatives. The Board of Directors meets on the first Tuesday of every month at Our Lady of the Rosary Church Hall; unless otherwise posted.  For more detailed information on dates and location, visit the Events Calendar page and if you would like to be added to the Reminder eBlast, please email Chris Gomez at  As a reminder, all Board and Committee meetings are open to the general public.

Current Officers of the Board

Steve Galasso, President
Luke Vinci, Vice President
Lou Palestini, Vice President of Heritage Affairs
Bryan Thompson, Treasurer
Annette Casemero, Secretary

Administrators of the Association

The Association is managed by Marco Li Mandri, President of New City America, Inc.; a private company with expertise in development and management of Business Improvement Districts, Community Benefit Districts, public space development and neighborhood revitalization.

Marco Li Mandri, Chief Executive Administrator
Christopher Gomez, District Manager
Dominic Li Mandri, Operations Manager
Rosie DeLuca, Financial Manager
Nick Angluo, Events Manager
Dianne T. Serna, Office Administrator
Jeri Keiller, Financial Advisor
Laura Li Mandri, Executive Administration
Shirley Zawadzki, Executive Administration
Monica Montes, Administrative Staff
Michelle Mercado, Administrative Staff
Ethan Olsen, Administrative Staff
Liam Zawadzki, Administrative Staff
Tammy DeLuca, Administrative Staff

The Association’s annual revenue exceeded $3.5M in FY20. Funds generated come from four different sources; the Little Italy Maintenance Assessment District (MAD), the Little Italy Business Improvement District (BID), the Little Italy Parking District, and various other programs. The MAD and BID include all parcels and businesses within a 48-square-block area of the North-West part Downtown San Diego.

The MAD, also know as the Little Italy Community Benefit District, generated approximately $1.05M in FY20.  These funds provide for the services of maintenance workers and management staff who oversee regular sidewalk sweeping, installation and maintenance of trees and ornamental landscaping in the public right-of-way, evening maintenance workers, maintenance of public areas and piazzas, hanging of banners and decorations, and all beautification efforts. The MAD boundaries are defined by South-side of W. Laurel Street on the North, Interstate-5 freeway/West-side of Front Street on the East, the North-side of W. Ash Street on the South and the East-side of Pacific Highway on the West.

The BID generated approximately $147.5K in FY20. The BID funds provide for administration the revenues needed to fund our public relations firm, Olive Creative Strategies, promote and publicize the business district, maintain an enhanced website, coordinate community events and advocate on behalf of businesses. The BID boundaries are defined by South-side of W. Laurel Street on the North, Interstate-5 freeway/West-side of Front Street on the East, the North-side of W. A Street on the South and the East-side of Pacific Highway on the West.

The Little Italy Parking District generated approximately $938K in FY20. The Parking District funds are used to create parking solutions for the Little Italy District via a community-wide valet program, collaborating with the City of San Diego to maximize surface street parking by restriping streets from parallel to diagonal or perpendicular, and other parking management and pedestrian safety programs.

An additional $1.2M in revenues were generated in FY20 from grants, income from special events, the Little Italy Mercato (Farmers’ Market), contributions from the community supporters and carry-forward from previous FY.

The Little Italy Association Board of Directors welcomes and encourages public input and participation in issues that affect our community. For more information on how you can get involved please contact the Little Italy Association at:

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