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Amici Park

Amici Park, which encompasses the Little Italy Dog Park, the Amici Park Amphitheater and the Bocce Ball Courts, is a triple-threat when it comes to public spaces! The Little Italy Association teamed up with the San Diego Unified School District to make this multi-use space come to life.

The Little Italy Dog Park

The Little Italy Dog Park is a safe, enclosed space for our neighborhood pets to run around and play together.

The Amici Park Amphitheater

The Amici Park Amphitheater is the perfect place to sit and relax during the day. At night, the space transforms, especially during The Little Italy Summer Film Festival, where the Little Italy Association and the Cinema Little Italy screen Italian films every Saturday evening.  

The Little Italy Bocce Ball Courts

The Bocce Ball Courts allow anyone to get in on a game of bocce. If you’ve never played, Little Italy is the best place to learn! You can find the Little Italy Bocce Ball club team out playing every weekday—just ask to join in!  

Amici Park Rental Opportunities

Amici Park has several rental opportunities for smaller gatherings to corporate events.  If you are interested in renting the Amici Park Amphitheater and/or the Little Italy Bocce Ball Courts, click on the button below.

Amici Park Rental Application

Rental Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday // 4:00p.m.* – 9:00p.m.*
Friday & Saturday // 5:00p.m.* – 10:00p.m.*
Sunday // 1:00p.m.* – 9:00p.m.*

* Unless otherwise authorized by Licensor on posted Permit.

Rental Site Options

Amici Park Rental Site Options (Map)

Terms and Conditions of Use

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