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Little Italy Dog Park

Over 2,000 dogs call San Diego's Little Italy their home. These four-legged family/community members bring smiles to every face, and now they need your help to create a dog park for them that’s as special as the rest of the Little Italy neighborhood!

Little Italy events and programs help raise the funds needed to maintain clean sidewalks, flowers pots on the corners and safe streets. Now it's time to chip in to make a special place for pets and their owners, with new K9Grass by ForeverLawn, a convertible small dog park area, places with shade for owners to sit, and a safe, landscaping, well-maintained surface where dogs can run and play. With your help, we can make this a paw-some place for the whole community.


Sunrise to Sunset / 7-Days a Week*

Monthly Maintenance

The Little Italy Dog Park will be closed on the first Tuesday of every month for deep cleaning until 10am.

Community Partner


Top Donors

The Gordie "Handsome Prince" Howe Lawn
American National Investments, Inc. (In Memory of Gordie Howe)
Additional Support by:
County Supervisor Ron Roberts
Katherine "Kaylan" Thornhill
Skye, Kalli, Rainbow & Primo
K9Grass by ForeverLawn
Amici Pet Hospital of Little Italy

Small Dog Park
Batta Fulkerson

Water Fountain & Dog Park Furniture
American National Investments, Inc. (In Memory of Gordie Howe)

Amici Pet Hospital of Little Italy
Frank Subaru
In Memory of Warren & Carol Thornhill
In Memory of Warren & Estelle Thornhill
In Memory of Clarence & Eleanor Bishop

How To Donate

$500+ Donation Form

Online Donation

Little Italy Dog Park Regulations

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