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Cloak and Petal

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1953 India Street View on Google Maps
San Diego, CA 92101
619 501 5505

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Where we invite you to journey into a place of both intimacy and companionship. Our concept is drawn from our name. The word “cloak” implies secrecy, inspiring our concept of a social sphere humming beneath the levels of ordinary life. “Petal” alludes to the Japanese tradition of “hanami,” when family and friends gather under blooming cherry blossoms to savor food, drinks and fellowship.

Enter our space and travel underground to décor reminiscent of an abandoned Tokyo subway, a stratum of society all its own, an artist’s dream. Cross the threshold into a mystically transformed Japanese social dining lounge which appears to be an outdoor seating area, similar to a waiting platform. Sit beneath a trellis of draping vines and teardrop lights in the intimate space we’ve thoughtfully created, and feast on authentic Japanese sushi, appetizers, small plates and drinks with family and friends.

Travel deeper into secrecy through the passage of gates, and discover our formal dining space and Japanese whiskey and sake bar. Glazed brick and subway tiles, graffiti art and Japanese subway etiquette posters transport you to an underworld reminiscent of a place once forgotten, for an experience you’re sure to remember.

Journey down to Cloak + Petal… and come unwind your soul.

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