Parking & Transportation


Guests can park in several off-street parking locations.

Piazza della Famiglia Underground Lot
1730 Columbia Street
2 hours // $10-$15
4 Hours // $14-$20
8 Hours // $18-$25
12 Hours // $24-$26
15 Hours // $30-$32

     *Rates subject to fluctuate.
Overnight Parking Available

County of San Diego Parking Structure
710 W. Cedar Street
$20-25 per vehicle
NO Overnight Parking

610 W. Ash in Little Italy In-Door Parking
610 W. Ash Street
$5.00 per vehicle
     Saturday and Sunday All-Day
Overnight Parking Available


As a part of the admission price for the OUT in Little Italy: Pride Brunch, guests will be shuttled from the Piazza della Famiglia to the San Diego Pride Festival.

Hours of Operation: 10:30am-12:30pm
Last Shuttle: Departs Little Italy at 12:15pm