Our Trees

Little Italy’s two Christmas trees are located at Piazza Basilone and Piazza della Famiglia. A 25-foot tower of more than 1,100 beautiful Poinsettias is located in the center of Piazza Basilone and a permanent 20-foot tall live tree in the Piazza della Famiglia.

The Poinsettia Tree

The Little Italy Association introduced the Poinsettia Tree in 2014 when the community needed to celebrate the holidays in a new part of the neighborhood due to the construction of the Piazza della Famiglia on India and W. Date Streets. The Little Italy Tree Lighting & Christmas Village moved up one block to Piazza Basilone on India and W. Fir Streets and built the 25’ tower of over 1,100 Poinsettias over the Piazza Basilone fountain—creating the neighborhood’s new Christmas Tree. Since then, the Poinsettia Tree has returned every single year and has not only been a hit in San Diego County, but also nationally—being recognized by Bravo TV as one of the top Christmas Trees around the Country. The Poinsettia Tree is all locally sourced—each Poinsettia plant is grown in San Diego County and the Christmas Tree frame was designed and manufactured by a local designer. It takes the Little Italy Association staff about one week to put the whole tree together.

The community is invited to sponsor the Poinsettia plants that build the tree each year. Sponsors’ names that have contributed are all displayed next to the tree all season long. Click here to donate.

Each year the Poinsettia Tree is lit as soon as it’s completed and lights up the whole neighborhood all season long.

The Piazza della Famiglia Tree

The Piazza della Famiglia Christmas Tree was planted in 2016 and made its debut that same year. The permanent 25' tree is planted on the West side of the Piazza della Famiglia and gets strung with Christmas lights and ornaments each holiday season. Every evening of the Little Italy Tree Lighting & Christmas Village, the community is invited to gather around the Christmas Tree at 6:30p.m. for a Tree Lighting Ceremony. Families, friends and visitors can enjoy a live musical performance, commencement words from dignitaries and a countdown in Italian to light the tree for the whole holiday season.