Little Italy Summer Film Festival

Every Saturday Starting June 22 to August 24 At 8:00pm

Come enjoy a movie under the stars at our annual Little Italy Summer Film Festival every Saturday night of the Summer.  The Little Italy Summer Film Festival is presented by the Little Italy Association and Cinema Little Italy. The movies are screened at the Amici Park Amphitheater (W. Date & State Streets).

These amazing Italian films, complete with English subtitles, will make you feel like you’re in Italy for the night! Feel free to bring your own picnic, snacks and blanket to enjoy the show! It may be a little chilly, so be sure to bring a light jacket to keep warm.

No outside alcoholic beverages or animals permitted.

Admittance Fee

$8.00 Donation

Film Line-Up

June 22 // Come Un Gatto Tangenziale

The story of an encounter between a bourgeois man and a poor woman, because their teenage children fall in love. They  have a common goal : to end the love relationship their children have.Brilliant acting  rounds out this delightful comedy.

June 29 // Benvenuto Presidente!

After the President of the Republic is forced to resign, and none of the political leaders can agree on a president to elect and the party leaders all chose to vote for a historical figure as a protest vote.  A liberian, named Giuseppe Garibaldi is mistakenly elected president to the consternation of the party leaders, but the public takes to him.

July 6 // Daughter Of Mine

Daughter of Mine is the story of a young girl torn between two mothers. A story of imperfect motherhood and inextricable bonds, struggling with overwhelming feelings and dealing with wounds.

July 13 // Nudo Di Donna

Nino Manfredi plays a prudish husband who is appalled to discover that his wife once posed nude for a painting. His shock is intensified when word gets around that the artist's model was a prostitute. The rest of the film consists of Manfredi's hilariously frantic efforts to get to the bottom of things (as it were).

July 20 // L'uomo Che Comprò La Luna

Italian secret agents receive a call from the United States: it seems that someone in Sardinia has become the owner of the moon   A Sardinian fisherman has promised the moon to the woman he loves.  And Sardinian men always keep their promises.

July 27 // Nessuno Come Noi

The imperfections of love and its bitter consequences, during the ‘80s, before the social networks and smartphones. What happens to your heart when you're madly in love with your best friend? What happens to your soul when your teacher is hiding love with your best friend's father? Do you discover that friendship is the only antidote to heartbreak?

August 3 // A Casa Tutti Bene

A big family that like any other one includes relatives that see each other often and others that rarely meet, reunite to celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary of grandma Alba and grandpa Pietro in a big Villa, on the island they moved to. Because of weather conditions they all remain stranded on the island and the idyll between them seems to be over.

August 10 // Io Sono Tempesta

Numa Tempesta is charismatic, ruthless businessman  who bends the law. To avoid prison, he is sentenced to a year of community service in a homeless shelter.  Forbidden to do business, It will take  every crafty bone in his body to close the deal of the century and he may just find it where he least expects it.

August 17 // NO FILM

August 24 // Resina

Male choir and female director. A family and a small community need bindings, in order to face the challenges of future.  A mix of characters brings irony and rhythm to the tale of this small world,struggling with the first effects of climate change , and by the determination of a young woman.

Special Note

If there is bad weather/rain the film will not be rescheduled.

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