Little Italy Summer Film Festival

Every Saturday Night, June 23rd - August 25th at 7:30pm

Come enjoy a movie under the stars at our annual Little Italy Summer Film Festival every Saturday night of the Summer.  The Little Italy Summer Film Festival is presented by the Little Italy Association and Cinema Little Italy. The movies are screened at the Amici Park Amphitheater (W. Date & State Streets).   

These amazing Italian films, complete with English subtitles, will make you feel like you’re in Italy for the night! Feel free to bring your own picnic, snacks and blanket to enjoy the show! It may be a little chilly, so be sure to bring a light jacket to keep warm.

No outside alcoholic beverages or animals permitted.

2018 Dates / Films

June 23rd / Lasciati Andare (Let Yourself Go) - Comedy
Francesco Amato
Elia, is a psychologist. To combat Elia’s illness, his doctor prescribes physical activity. Happily, Elia chances upon Claudia, an eccentric personal trainer. 100’

June 30th / Funne (Sea Dreaming Girls) - Documentary
Katia Bernardi
Twelve eighty year olds dream of seeing the sea for the first time. Their fundraising efforts bring laughter, tears, jealousy and fear.

July 7th / Beata la Ignoranza (Blessed Ignorance) - Comedy
Massimiliano Bruno
A rivalry forms between two teachers who are polar opposites: a strict, old-fashioned by-the-book instructor and his cheerful young counterpart interested in social media.

July 14th / Poli Opposti (Opposites Attract) - Comedy
Max Croci
She's a divorce lawyer and single mother perpetually at war with men.  He is a marriage therapist--single and not looking. They collide in romantic Rome.

July 21st / Umberto D - Drama
Vittorio DeSica
The story of an old man's struggle to keep from falling from poverty into shame. It may be the best of the Italian neorealist films.

July 28th / Guerra per Amore (At war for Love) - Comedy
Pierfrancesco (Pif)
Sicilian immigrant Arturo is a waiter in a New York restaurant. He falls in love with Flora…but she’s engaged to the son of a mafia boss.

August 4th / Finche c’e’ Prosecco c’e’ Speranza (The Last Prosecco) – Drama
Antonio Padovan
A winemaking Count fights to protect his territory—the conflict between greed and respect for the land.

August 11th / Tutto Quello che Vuoi (Friends by Chance) - Drama/Comedy
Francesco Bruni
Allessandro is the walking companion to an 85 year old poet. The poet recalls something of a treasure, kicking off a frantic search.

August 18th / La Tenerezza (Holding Hands) - Drama
Gianni Amelio
Fabio and Michela move next door to the ill-tempered Lorenzo. One evening Lorenzo returns home to find a terrible uproar.

August 25th / L’Ora Legale (It’s the Law) – Comedy
Salvatore Ficarra
The election of a mayor is approaching in a small Sicilian village.  Will the crooked Gaetano or professor Natoli be elected?

Doors open at 7:30pm
Film starts at 8:00pm

Admittance Fee

$5.00 Donation

Special Note

If there is bad weather/rain the film will not be rescheduled.

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