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Partnering with the San Diego Rescue Mission

Category: Stories

We are so excited to announce we have begun a partnership with the San Diego Rescue Mission in an effort to support those experiencing homelessness in our neighborhood.

We started this partnership because we knew we wanted to support the unhoused community as best we could, leading with dignity and compassion, and we knew the SDRM’s Walk With Me program was the best fit for us. Our outreach coordinator, Carla Venegas, is so incredible and patient. Having previously been unhoused herself, she understands the struggles and the importance of creating genuine relationships around the neighborhood.

Carla, will be in our neighborhood seven days a week, helping people connect with shelter, as well as offering basic assistance such as access to obtain necessary documents in order to transition, hygiene products, snacks and clothing.

It’s the first partnership of its kind in San Diego, and we hope to inspire other communities in San Diego and beyond to lead with compassion and take action from the heart when it comes to assisting our unsheltered neighbors.

For more information, please visit us at or follow us on Instagram @LittleItalySD, Twitter @LittleItalySD and Facebook @LittleItalySD.