Little Italy Tours

Little Italy Tours creates delicious memories, rooted in the traditions and history of the neighborhood. Since 1997, our company has hosted thousands of events and guests in San Diego’s charming Little Italy. Visitors from over 25 countries and states across the U.S. have discovered Little Italy with us.

Italians have a zest for life, relishing good company and good food. As a result, we endeavor to treat you like family – welcoming you inside the Little Italy that we know and love.  Our delicious experiences include guided tours of the neighborhood, cooking classes with Italian chefs, and tasting tours.  Always, we bring you inside the authentic traditions and vibrant present.

We are honored to share with you the history, hospitality and warmth of San Diego’s beautiful Little Italy.  We promise, with us you’ll feel at home here.

Little Italy Neighborhood Tour

Your amazing behind the scenes sightseeing experience begins as you get a one of a kind glimpse into the Italian quarter–Little Italy, San Diego–a neighborhood with an Italian presence since 1871. Six thousand families of Genovese and Sicilian origin once called this home. The salty sea air, the ready-made port, the date palms, bougainvillea, geraniums, olive trees and cactus plants reminded many Italians of their sunny fishing villages back home. They painted their tiny wooden bungalow homes the colors favored by their ancestors. They built their own boats, fished with hand-sewn nets, cultivated fruit and vegetable gardens, made fresh pasta by hand and baked golden loaves of sesame-topped Italian bread in igloo-shaped backyard ovens. Discover hidden neighborhood Little Italy landmarks along the way that chart their story through time.

Pizza Tour

Indulge your passion for pizza on our tasting tour of Little Italy. Together with a local guide, you’ll peruse 5 popular pizzerias in Little Italy – tasting the pies in each.  By the end of your tour, you’ll have savored the many pizza varieties found in Italy – prepared by cooks from Milan, Naples, Sicily and Liguria.  Along the way, your guide will regale you with the delicious history of pizza – from antiquity to today.  

Old School Little Italy Food Tour

Discover the Italian food that most Americans rarely taste on our tasty tour through Little Italy.  You’ll learn about the foods that real Italians eat at home. In the company of our local guide, we’ll stop by 5 authentic ristoranti. You’ll get a true taste of Italy, spanning old-school favorites and flavors.  As is tradition, you’ll enjoy your food with introductory aperitivo and glass of wine.  Our guide will introduce you to the chefs and restaurant owners that call Little Italy home. Along this delicious journey, you’ll also hear the amazing history of Little Italy. 

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