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Learn How to Play Bocce Ball in Little Italy

Learn to play the ancient sport of Bocce Ball in Little Italy with the neighborhood's championship Italian team--the Amici Bocce Club!

Bocce ball is considered to be the world's oldest sport first documented in ancient Egypt in a 5200 B.C. painting in an Egyptian tomb of two boys playing--throwing a rounded ball toward a fixed target.

The game made its way to Greece around 800 B.C. The Romans learned the game from the Greeks, who then introduced it throughout the empire. They used coconuts brought back from Africa and later used hard olive wood to carve out bocce balls.

At times Roman Emperors considered banning it because it was felt that it diverted attention of the soldiers from more important tasks, such as archery and war training.

And perhaps most grave was the condemnation by the Catholic Church which deterred the laity and officially prohibited clergyman from playing the game by proclaiming bocce a means of 'gambling' and that priests by playing it, neglected time which should be reserved for the salvation of souls and the proclamation of the Gospel.

In the Middle Ages, people who were playing bocce in the streets were hitting the knees of passing noblemen with the bocce balls and prohibition hence became a possibility again. However this problem brought widespread attention to the sport among Italian noblemen and bocce immediately became a favorite pastime and has been so ever since.

There is no prohibition on playing bocce today, so come to Little Italy--to Amici Park and learn and enjoy the ancient sport of kings and royalty and peasants alike.

Price: $45pp

Location: Amici Park Bocce Ball Courts

Duration: 1-hour

Number of Guests: 6-16, 16 max

Age: 13+

Schedule: Monthly / Last Friday of Each Month

Time: 2:00pm to 3:30pm  

Weather: This experience may be cancelled due to rain


Italian for Travelers — a Virtual Experience

Learn practical Italian in two fun virtual class sessions with our expert instructor who will have you saying 'molto bene' very soon!

The perfect introduction to practical Italian, whether planning or dreaming of a trip to Italy.  This two-part workshop is held on successive weeks in October, November, and December held virtually at 1:00pm to3:30pm and will give you valuable skills and insight for a visit to Italia.

Learn the essentials of practical Italian for travel, and gain a basic understanding of culture to gracefully navigate Italy. You'll come away with enough basic language and cultural nuances to enhance any Italian experience, from dining, to shopping, to lodging, to transport.

Taught by Italiano with Jodina – 10+ years serving Italy travelers & Italian language learners in San Diego.

Join the fun, andiamo!

Price: $120pp

Location: Virtual

Duration: 2.5-hour

Number of Guests: 10-25, 25 max

Age: 13+

Schedule: Monthly / Two (2) Dates per Month (October-December 2022)

Time: 1:00pm to 3:30pm  

Weather: This virtual experience takes place in all weather conditions

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Florence, Italy by Night — a Virtual Adventure

A unique way to enjoy the historic city of Florence, Italy through an authentic Italian passeggiata by night with your personal tour guide!

Unforgettable moments are awaiting you, a full immersion in the beautiful places of Florence, the capital of Italy’s Tuscany region, that, in the night, have a special charm.

Our professional guide will take you virtually to some of the most important spots where the greatest minds and artists have stood and been inspired. You will visit the best sights of Florence beginning at the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore where you will learn about the dramatic and exciting story behind the architectural marvel of the Brunelleschi's Dome.

Then you will walk through the picturesque streets of the historic center and you will stop at Piazza della Signoria, home of the imposing Palazzo Vecchio, the historic seat of the city government and the place where the artistic disputes of Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci took place. After that you will finish your "passeggiata" at the iconic Ponte Vecchio bridge, the most striking and oldest bridge in Florence, famous for the unique goldsmith shops that frame the bridge on both sides.

Join us on this engaging experience of a virtual walking tour! Relish in a pleasant evening stroll through millennial streets the birthplace of the Renaissance. Our local guide will lead you to the statues, monuments and landmarks that really make Florence aka Firenze, a one of a kind city in Italy and the world!

Price: $25pp

Location: Virtual

Duration: 1-hour

Number of Guests: 17-45, 45 max

Age: 13+

Schedule: January 9, 2023

Time: Select When Booking

Weather: This virtual experience may be cancelled due to rain