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Little Italy Historical Tour

The Story of Little Italy Guided Historical Tour with Sicilian Breakfast

    A thrilling tour adventure from the19th century to today's renaissance. We share the full experience frozen in time & rich in history!

    Experience the story of Little Italy, San Diego - a neighborhood with an Italian presence since 1871!

    For a time, for the local Italians of Little Italy--paradise was theirs. This thrilling and heartwarming walking tour takes you on a journey from late 19th century and the arrival of Italians to San Diego through today's modern-day renaissance. Check out archival photos and discover hidden neighborhood landmarks. Plus, hear stories from local Italians and Little Italy residents who were there to experience it all. We recreate the world that was and showcase the hip & stylish neighborhood Little Italy has become. Let us give you the full experience/behind the scenes of this charming and historic neighborhood! This spectacular experience combines humor, drama and excitement all together. Includes cappuccino and a Palermo style, 1/2 pound Sicilian breakfast pastry called 'Iris Fritta' which is unforgettable!

    Six thousand families of Genovese and Sicilian origin once called this home. The salty sea air, ready-made port, date palms, bougainvillea, geraniums, olive trees and cactus plants reminded many Italians of their sunny fishing villages back home. They painted their tiny wooden bungalow homes the colors favored by their ancestors. They built their own boats, fished with hand-sewn nets, cultivated fruit and vegetable gardens, made fresh pasta by hand and baked golden loaves of sesame-topped Italian bread and focaccia in igloo-shaped backyard ovens. Come discover hidden neighborhood Little Italy landmarks that chart their story through time! Highlights include:

    • The Piazza Basilone-fountain/war memorial, honoring the boys of Little Italy who died at war plus a visit to the Piazza della Famiglia—the new center of Little Italy with its beautiful fountain and the Piazza Pescatore—dedicated to the historic fisherman of Little Italy
    • ACCESS INSIDE--Little Italy’s Italian church built in 1925 recipient of a recent 2.5 million restoration with stunning religious art--frescoes, oil paintings, stained glass and one of a kind religious statues
    • Historic homes from the 19th century including a visit INSIDE a fully-restored Italian home built in the 1880’s
    • Hidden neighborhood landmarks of the world that the Italian quarter
    • Artifacts from the days when the Genovese & Sicilian fishermen dominated the seas in San Diego
    • The house of the Black Hand--the shadowy gang that reigned during Prohibition era, when for a brief time, they intimidated local Italian businesses with threats of violence
    • A visit inside an old world Italian grocery store built in the 1920's
    • And much more!

    Price: $29pp

    Location: Café Zucchero in Little Italy

    Duration: 2.5-hours

    Number of Guests: 4-25, 25 max

    Age: 13+

    Schedule: Weekly / Saturday

    When: 9:00am to 11:30am

    Weather: This experience takes place in all weather conditions, except rain.  If rain, experience will be rescheduled.

    What to Wear: Weather appropriate comfortable clothing and shoes