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Labor Day Stickball Tournament

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Dates and Times for this Past Event

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The Little Italy Association is proud to celebrate the time-honored East Coast sporting past time - Stickball.  The Labor Day Stickball Tournament was one of San Diego Little Italy's inaugural events that took over a few streets on Columbia Street to allow these players to revisit some childhood memories.

Today, the Labor Day Stickball Tournament happens annually with every other year players from New York and Puerto Rico come to challenge the San Diego Stickball teams for the right to call themselves the kings of the block.  Come out and see these teams take a broom stick, table leg or any other kind of bat-like stick to a rubber Wilson ball and swing it out!


India Street between W. A and W. Ash Streets
Columbia Street between W. Beech and W. Date Streets
State Street between W. Ash and W. Beech Streets