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Board & Committee Agendas & Packets

Board of Directors

December 2021 Board of Directors Packet

Organization Committee

Chair: Steven J. Galasso (President)
Handles: Board & Committee Vacancy Oversight, Bylaws Oversight, Policy Oversight, Conflict-of-Interest Oversight, and Non-Budgeted Expenditures.

September 2021 Committee Packet

     Additional Supporting Docs (Added 9/22/2021)

Finance Committee

Chair: Bryan Thompson
Handles: Budget Review & Implementation, Service Contracts Oversight, Grants & Misc. Funding, New Cash Flow Concepts Oversight, Tax Return, Audit & Fiscal Report Oversight, Acquisition Oversight, Debt Repayment Oversight, and Large Expenditure Oversight within Budget.

January 2022 Committee Packet

District Identity Streetscape Improvement (DISI) Committee

Chair: Perry Meyer
Handles: Public Relations, Events, Sponsorship Development, and Public Space Development.

January 2022 Committee Packet

Neighborhood Advisory Committee (NAC)

Formerly Community Advisory Board

Chair: Jeri Keiller
Handles: New Alcohol Applications, CUP & NUP Reviews, and Residential Issues.

November 2021 Committee Packet

Project Review Committee

Interim Chair: Marco Li Mandri
Handles: Review New Developments and Make Recommendations to the City of San Diego or Other Appropriate Municipal Agencies.

September 2021 Committee Packet (9/27/2021 Meeting)

     Civic Proposed Plans