Board & Committee Agendas

THE BROWN ACT MODIFICATIONS: Based on current COVID-19 directives and mandates, Governor Newsom has modified and suspended some of The Brown Act requirements temporarily.  For a list of the items that Governor Newsom has modified or suspended, click here.

Board of Directors

April 2021 Board of Directors Packet

Organization Committee

Chair: Steven J. Galasso (President)

April 2021 Organization Committee Packet

Finance Committee

Chair: Bryan Thompson / Handles: Budgets, Audit, Tax Returns, Contracts, and Fiscal Planning.

March 2021 Finance Committee Packet

Additional Documents (Added 3/25/2021)

DISI Committee

Chair: Perry Meyer / Handles: Public Relations & Social Media, Events, Sponsorship Development, and Public Space Development.

March 2021 DISI Committee Packet

Parking & Mobility Committee

Chair: Luke Vinci / Handles: Parking, Parking Programs, Bike & Other Mobility, Special Projects Funded by Parking Meter Revenues, and Relations with City of San Diego.

March 2021 Parking & Mobility Committee Packet

Project Review Committee

Chair (Interim): Marco Li Mandri / Handles: Review New Developments and Make Recommendations to the City of San Diego or Other Appropriate Municipal Agencies.

October 2020 Project Review Committee Agenda

Port Master Plan Update - North Embarcadero
Kilroy's 2100 Kettner Art and Signage