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Our Staff

Little Italy Association of San Diego

2210 Columbia Street
San Diego, CA 92101
619 233 3898


Marco Li Mandri, Chief Executive Administrator
Christopher Gomez, District Manager
Rosie DeLuca, Financial Manager
Tammy DeLuca, Asst. Financial Manager
Nick Angulo, Events Manager
Dianne T. Serna, Office Administrator
Jeri Keiller, Financial Advisor
Laura Li Mandri, Executive Administrator
Shirley Zawadzki, Executive Administrator
Monica Montes, Staff
Michelle Mercado, Staff

Public Relations

Olive Public Relations
Sydney Costales
Account Executive
808 754 0623

Maintenance Staff

Daniel Torres
Maintenance Operations Supervisor
619 549 7237

Scott Sponholtz
Ornamental Landscaping Supervisor
619 549 6969

If you have a maintenance issue, please call:

LIA A.M. Maintenance
7-Days a Week, 6:00am to 3:30pm
619 454 2507

LIA P.M. Maintenance
7-Days a Week, 2:30pm to 11:00pm
619 372 0037

San Diego Rescue Mission
Little Italy Unhouse Outreach & Public Safety Program

7-Days a Week, 6:00am to Noon

Sabina Baker
SDRM On-Site Coordinator 

619 642 1840 

San Diego Police Department

9 1 1

619 531 2000