Live Well, Live Safe - Live Little Italy

Live Well, Live Safe was created by the Little Italy Association in response to creating an elevated response to quality of life issues and manage public issues/nuisance.  The program is privately funded by business and property owners.  Little Italy Association assessment funds are not used to underwrite this program.

The Live Well, Live Safe - Live Little Italy program is a four pronged approach to create a better quality of life.


Using the Live Well-Live Safe website as the tool, develop an ongoing flow of communication about safety issues and problems, and solutions, generate ideas to improve the community’s quality of life, and share intelligence to bring the community’s level of awareness to a high and consistent level.


Develop education programs about all facets of improving the community’s quality of life and safety for use at forums, the website, presentations and organizational meetings.

Community Safety Officers

Utilize highly trained, law enforcement supervised safety officers to generate long term solutions to anything impeding the community’s quality of life.

Environmental Safety Design

Utilize environmental design,, infrastructure, signage, traffic flow etc to improve the overall safety of the community. 


If you are interested in helping to fund the program, please download the appropriate form.

Business Owner Property Owner

Program Contributors