Little Italy Landmark Sign

The Little Italy Landmark Sign was dedicated and lit at the 7th Annual Little Italy Festa on the evening of October 8, 2000.

The landmark sign was constructed as a tribute to this immigrant neighborhood which, until the late 1960s, was the hub of the world’s tuna fishing and canning industry. The nautical theme can be seen in the portholes at the top of the pillars, the blue neon of the lettering and the cable span which holds up the sign.  The mosaic tile work on each side of the street tells how this immigrant community is historically tied to the bay, the church and the Italian homeland.  This sign is a testament to the preservation of Little Italy’s cultural heritage and to the ongoing revitalization of this dynamic urban ethnic neighborhood in Downtown San Diego.

This sign was designed and created by The Little Italy Design Committee, The Little Italy Association Board, New City America, Inc., Deform, Mielke Design and UltraSign.

The sign was funded by the Centre City Development Corporation & Councilman Byron Wear – City of San Diego.

Some of the most memorable events in Little Italy have happened under the Little Italy sign; such as the XX Winter Olympic Opening Ceremony Celebration in 2006 and 2006 FIFA World Cup Celebration. The stories of these events and the Little Italy Landmark Sign are permanently etched in granite and mounted to the Little Italy sign’s pillars. Come and relive the experience and read the stories of these amazing events.