Preserve Little Italy

Calling all families of Little Italy!!! We need your photos and memorabilia that is, or was, apart of San Diego’s Little Italy history.

If you have any stories, photos or memorabilia that is apart of Little Italy’s history, please click on the “Contact Preserve Little Italy Researchers” to schedule an appointment.

Lydia Wood, one of the Researchers, is working on special project that deals with the youth of Washington Elementary interviewing people with history and stories of our neighborhood.  If you are interested in participating in this project, please contact her as soon as possible.

So grab Nona’s tea pot, Nono’s bamboo fishing poles, or just family photos taken in Little Italy, and help us Preserve Our Heritage.

About the Preserve Little Italy Initiative

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Special thanks to Frewin Design Group for creating the amazing branding for Little Italy’s Preserve Our Heritage logo and webpage.