Little Italy Legends

On March 30, 2010, the Little Italy Association kicked-off a new program, with the inspiration of Jimmy Marino, to honor famous Italian Americans and Families of Little Italy that have supported and made our neighborhood what it is today.

The first honoree, Frankie Laine, was a huge supporter of the Little Italy neighborhood and local businesses, like Busalacchi Restaurants.  On March 30th, groups of Frankie Laine fans and colleagues came to dedicate the first Little Italy Legends plaque with music, prayer and food.  His plaque is mounted to the right of the entrance of Cafe Zucchero.

The second honorees were Sal & Rose Cresci.  One of the pinnacle families in the history of San Diego’s Little Italy; these two and their children have helped guide Little Italy – San Diego into a new direction by maintaining some of the original single family dwellings and converting them into successful and vibrant retail spaces.  The Cresci Family has served this community in many ways and we, the Little Italy Association, say “thank you.”  Their plaque is located on the South wall of Nelson Photo Supplies.